Who is the Rebellious Unicorn?

Sup, I’m Pandita and I’m a software engineer from Venezuela. I’m pretty language agnostic, I currently work with WPF/MVC/XAMARIN/C#. I’ve played with many languages, thanks to my crazy university teachers (❤️).

I started web development very young, when I was around 11-12 years old. At the time I had one mission and it was to showcase my pixel dolls and drawings. Which I did! I played a lot with table layouts and very simple CSS to make my sites, but they looked good. Fast forward to 2016, I relocated to Mexico and got a job where I’m in a team in charge of developing in a WPF app that deals with shipping logistics, we’re currently in a famous pharmacy here in Mexico, check it out if you can! ;3

I’m a big fan of jokes, meme, pandas, emojis, pink, interior design, news, tech, web/mobile design, drawing a lot and stuffing myself with spicy Mexican food. I’m a lurker and quite shy on the internet, unlike in real life where I can chit chat about the latest celebrity gossip with pretty painted rocks.


Contact details

Email: alexabergna@gmail.com

Instagram: @monsterpandita


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